• Suitable for casting 8 to 10 automotive grids (NS40,
    Automotive,),as per specification & it’s best suitable for
    Selenium & Antimony alloy . The machine consist of one (1)
    main machine, grid mold, it includes 750 to 800 kg lead
    melting furnace , lead pump ,feedline, grid conveyor belt ,
    scrap conveyor belt , grid trimmer & automatic control panel.
  • The machine is Fully Automatic and suitable for selenium and
    antimony lead alloy, it has 2 conveyor belts one for carrying grids
    and the other one to carry the scrap runner to the furnace after
    the grid is trimmed , it has built in trimmer grids , conveyor
    Trimmed Grids are stacked for easy removal. The Automatic
    control panel consist of main controls and an AC drive to adjust
    the belt speeds & Digital temperature controllers for better
    monitoring & Control, Casting Thickness 1.3to 4 mm, Maximum
    Casting size including lugs –355 x 150 mm. the machine has
    water cooling system for molds .

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